Bethunes Investments Limited (“Bethunes”)* is currently an unlisted public company having completed a reverse listing transaction with Transport Investments Limited (TLL.NZX) on 6 December 2017 using its previous parent listed company shell. (Further details on this transaction can be found on the “TIL Transaction” tab on this website.)

Bethunes is currently in a net cash position and plans to relist on the NZX and undertake a capital raising in the first half of 2018. Bethunes continues to seek out new investment opportunities as outlined by its shareholder principles, which may include additional reverse limiting transactions of high quality assets/businesses.

* The name Bethunes was selected as the continuing name for the Company, as it was associated with Mowbray Collectables (the founding parent company) for many years. In 1999, John Mowbray formed Bethunes Rare Books Limited to acquire the rare book auction business of JH Bethune Limited  initially established in 1877. Bethunes had earned a worldwide reputation auctioning rare books, prints and antique maps. It therefore seemed entirely appropriate when re-naming the Company to maintain this link to the company’s history while establishing a new vision and modus operandi for the company.